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A Message From Mad Rich

Hello Madlings! Greetings from the Bunke by the Bay!

For newcomers, “Madlings” are followers of Mad Rich Reviews and listeners of our Podcast. D.B asked me to write a brief message for the Hangout to give everyone a sense of who I am before listening to your first episode. Because of the sudden mainstream acceptance of marijuana and it’s rise in popularity, many of my associates, clients and friends began to openly share their experience and opinion. I began to notice as I shared my experiences, that more often than not marijuana was preferred over alcohol simply because it was easier to get back to a high functioning level quickly should a sudden fire arise after hours. Additionally, marijuana lacks that hangover and adverse health effects typically felt after a night of drinking. After legalization spread from Colorado, California to Canada, I was asked more frequently to share my expertise on the subject. I’ve decided to embrace this head on. So for this first post, let me tell you a little about my experience and education on the subject.

Like most kids who basically ruled the unsupervised after school oasis of strip malls and subdivisions of the late 70’s and 80’s, I developed a fondness for marijuana, AKA: Cannabis, Pot, Weed, etc. Me and my friends started getting high with our older brothers or sisters who raided our parents stash. We didn’t have the tech or the warning labels that came with the kids of the 90’s. We were spared the constant oversight that came with the online and personal Political Correctness of the millennials. We were by all rights free to explore everything from Thai Stick, Skunk, Maui Wowi, Lebanese Blond and Red, Acapulco Gold and my all-time favorite Sharif. From my brother, I learned not to smoke during school weeks and graduated relatively unfazed. I actually made it thru college, a marriage raising kids and surviving the game of life. Now in my fifties I find myself healthier and happier than ever. I don’t drink alcohol; I eat right and am training for my first bodybuilding fitness division show in the Spring. I have a secret though. Do you want to know what it is? I have continued to recreationally and medicinally smoke, vape and cook with marijuana.

I really started to research, support and advocate the use of marijuana in my late teens and early twenties. I was in my mid-twenties when I started to grow my own. When my older brother was diagnosed with cancer, we smoked together to help with his chemo. He and I would discuss the difference between Sativa and Indica, growling and cross-breeding. We would spend hours debating over various strains and their profiles. It helped him through his treatment and me through his illness and after, death. In the late 90’s I went back to school and received duel degrees in Environmental Engineering which included a core horticultural engineering component. One of the projects I worked on was the use of Hemp in bioremediation. Part of my studies included working alongside and growing medical marijuana for Medical Centers and research. Needless to say, in college there was a lot of crossover. Back then I never imagined marijuana would be a casual part of my everyday work. Now several of my clients all over have used, use or openly support marijuana. One of the many benefits that came with a career spent traveling all over north America was the unique perspectives I was witness to. As Canada wrestled with full legalization, I got to meet and speak with clients all over that country. The interesting thing was the support and open use of marijuana among a diverse range of socio-economic backgrounds. My lifetime hobby soon became part of my professional portfolio. Dependent on the event or activity, I can recommend the strain or even the best method with as much ease as a seasoned Sommelier can recommend a wine and food pairing. Over the next several weeks I will include posts to educate and review several strains, methods and other useful marijuana information. So stay tuned, and join DB, Swami, Jay the intern and myself on our adventures. Until next time Madlings, keep your pipe lit, and your rigs and bong clean.


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