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A Really Good Grind

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

When I was young, and somewhat foolish, I would have never owned a grinder. I was old school and loved the sticky feel on my fingers and the smell of fresh bud on my hands. I was actually impressed with the odd shaped joints I would roll. One day, several years back, a friend turned me on to the flavorful, smooth and even burn of fresh fine and cores ground leaf from a grinder. Since then I was hooked. I have grinders with multiple screens and pollen collectors for kief, biodegradable 2-piece grinders, specialty grinders for edibles and even a few hand pollen press. So, every now and again a simple grinder comes along that really blows me away.

So, when the gang at Galaxy Vape & Glass introduced me to the Mendo Mulcher 2-piece grinder, I had to give it a try. Mendo Mulchers have been American made since 1998 and they proudly etche USA into each grinder. Machined from aircraft grade aluminum, the 2-piece grinder is fitted with magnetic center to keep the two pieces in place for a smooth and natural rotation. Each piece features the same number of grinding teeth to make easy work of the densest of buds. I found the rotation smooth and was able to easily change direction with little force. After putting this through a week of constant use with little cleaning, and a lot of over filling, I still found the grind to be as consistent and easy as the first. The quality aluminum is easy to clean making this ideal for camping and day trips.

I give a warm thanks to the guys at Galaxy and I give this grinder high marks for both quality and a price point under $20.00. Pick one up and the next time you need a good grinder.


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