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Excuse me, but my high school dealer never mentioned Sativa, Indica or Hybrid: Part 1

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

Gather around Madlings and let me share an interesting comment I heard first on a flight from Denver a few years back, again in Vancouver last year and then again just a few days ago. I was visiting a newly opened dispensary in Massachusetts and there again I heard it. It sounds like this, (clear throat and exhale in a soft hum for effect) “excuse me but, my high school dealer never mentioned Sativa, Indica or Hybrids.”

I can’t help but laugh and remember it has only been 4 years since recreational marijuana use became legal. Only in the last 10 years has advanced capital allowed mainstream large growers to take advantage of manufacturing and the tech innovations in open protocol controls and Energy Efficiency HVAC and Hydronic Flow Equipment. In reality, the experience level of the majority of recreational smokers was limited to what they could get from word of mouth. Well rejoice Madlings, for over the years man’s innovation has led to some very healthy, safe and fun ways to enjoy your marijuana. With that in mind we are going to explore these together. Oh, and please remember, the only real way to enjoy anything is with mindfulness, modesty and moderation and follow these simple guides:

Be Mindful - Give yourself permission to take this break and relax.

Use Moderation - After the first hit Stop and check in after a few minutes, trust your feelings. On average, a high should last a few hours or more based on the method. The full effects can be felt within minutes or take up to an hour dependent on the way you enjoy it. You will learn when to back off. If you keep in mind that it is very easy to go from mellow buzz to feeling mildly restless and uneasy. If this happens, drink water or eat a piece of fruit it will back down on its own.

Be Modest - Understand that you are responsibility to love and respect yourself. Marijuana is just another tool in your kit like exercise and meditation. While marijuana is not addicting physically, it sometimes becomes very easy to forget to humbly enjoy and take it to the extreme. So with anticipation and excitement, let’s begin.

Marijuana is the name for the dried bud of a Cannabis flower belonging to the Cannabaceae family, a small category of flowering plants that include Hemp, Humulus and Cannabis or what we call pot, weed etc. While there is a dispute among us about how many sub-categories there truly are. Right now, we’ll only discuss the three types of cannabis that are of concern in North America. Cannabis Sativa, Cannabis Indica and Cannabis Ruderalis. (Quick Note: Ruderalis is mostly medical because of lower THC but high CBD levels. And is argued to be part of the Sativa family but different enough for me to split.). Hybrids are the cool step kids. A hybrid is a combination of strains grown to maximize a better high. In very simple terms, sativa dominants will produce great energetic cerebral high with a nice mild to heavy body high. Indica dominants will produce a moderate to not getting up body high and a mild but energizing euphoric sense. We will spend the next two posts covering this in detail.

Before saying farewell this week, I would be remiss as an elder and sage if I do not take the time to be mindful of all my Madlings out there who are feeling stressed and/or anxious as they struggle through rough times. I’ve met a lot of people using all sorts of things as an escape and while it will offer temporary relief, it is no substitute for human contact. I can only guide and walk with you; you are always in control. If you are reaching because you need a break from an extremely difficult situation, ask yourself, “Do I need to talk to someone, go for a run, shout at the moon or anything to get it out first? If the answer is yes, put the stuff down and talk to or hug a fellow Madling. Then enjoy reasonably together. As always let me know what you think.


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