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GMO Zkittles, A Sweet Flavored Gem

Good Afternoon Madlings!

On a recent visit to my favorite grower, I had the opportunity to try his latest grow, GMO Zkittles. We were speaking about 50/50 Sativa/Indica strains and how some tend to lean one way or the other. I asked him if there was one particular strain, he would recommend for the time you want to go indica but don’t want too heavy of a body high. He pulled out a glass sample box with a few buds and began to describe the grow issues and difficulties he had when he first began to grow this strain. He had resolved all the issues and his smile showed he was well pleased with the end result of his work. I put on gloves and picked up the bud to examine it closer. You could see the long leaves curled over to create a fluffy cloud like bud that are a medium green with light violet hues and dark orange hairs with a coating of trichomes that share the same light violet hue. The aroma was as interesting as the colors. A Sweet, fruity candy like smell sits just under the familiar desal overtone that mingles into a delicious combination. The taste is a sweet citrusy candy with a fruity exhale that leaves a slight chemical after taste at times. The high starts subtle and crescendos in a euphoric relaxing wave that leaves a tingle in your body that, at times, can be somewhat arousing. The next time you want to share a pack with someone you love, try GMO Zkittles and let a rainbow of happy into your life.

Lineage: GMO Cookies x Skittles x OG Kush


Smell: Sweet, Fruity with hint of spice and desal

Taste: Candy sweet with a subtle chemical taste on exhale

Appearance: green popcorn buds with light amber hairs, a slight purple hue and a coating of white trichomes sharing the same purple hue

Effects: Body high with a calming happiness and an arousing tingle

Med. Usage: chronic pain and inflammation, depression, cramps, spasms and insomnia

Rec. Usage: Great for date night or a quite night at home

Common Side effects: dry mouth, sleepy, red eye and may feel a bit dehydrated as the high wares off.


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