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Kush Dream, Away Into The Night

Good evening Madlings!

I am super excited to explore this strain with you. Sometimes after a long day, when I get a lot of tasks accomplished, I find myself struggling to relax. I have so much energy left that I can’t seem to just settle in. On these nights, I look for a familiar strain to ground me in happy memories and set me on a path to a good a night. Kush Dream is one of my go to strains for when I really want to settle in and get lost for an evening. The first thing I always notice is the slight blue hues in the dense green buds and the frosted white trichomes layering fine orange hairs. The smell always reminds me of old school Kush that dominated my youth. The citrusy familiar lemon scent with hints of sweet earthiness reminds me of a wet fruit orchard in the fall just after the rain. The taste is super familiar with hints of citrus and herbs on the inhale and a smooth yet spicy woodiness on the exhale. The high kicks warming your cheeks and floating a wave of happy relaxation through your body. As you relax your mind will drift to happy curious thoughts that allows you to just chill for a bit before you find yourself lazily drifting into a dream…

Lineage: Blue Dream crossed with Capt. Krypt


Smell: Citrusy lemon, with slight sweet earthy tones

Taste: Familiar Kush with a sweet yet spicy woodsy taste

Appearance: Dense green with blue hues, orange hairs and a thicker coating of frosted trichomes

Effects: Super mellow body high leaving you happy and relaxed

Med. Usage: Chronic pain and inflammation, insomnia, nausea and anxiety.

Rec. Usage: Good in the evening when you want to chill and hour or so before drifting off.

THC Range – 19% to 255

Common Side effects: slight dry mouth

Warning to Newcomers: This strain is sneaky strong and comes on within a few minutes. Give yourself time between hits to find the right dose for you. Too much to quick and it will glue you to the couch. Use moderation till you know what works for you.


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