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Meet DB

Let me tell you about my best friend, cohost, kindred spirits and alter ego DB. She can drive me absolutely apeshit in one moment, calm me in the next and make me smile always. She is one of the most peculiar and strange people I know with an imagination that rivals my own. Oh, and she is absolutely the most awesome and wonderfully kind person to animals and a few people but do not get her angry. You so do not want to see her angry. To describe our friendship; she is Snow White with ink, Mallery to my Mickey, Clarice to my Lector and the Lydia to my Beetlejuice. The weird just fits! Sometime, if you do not listen to that little voice that tells you to run away, you may get lucky enough to meet that one person that fits you like OJ’s glove and who knows where the weird may take you.


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