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Prince Ali Kebab, A hidden oasis

Never judge a book by its cover is the best description for Prince Ali Kebab. In the back of an old convivence store, tucked away in a quiet residential area, is Prince Ali Kebab. DB and I found this excellent Mediterranean restaurant mostly by happenstance while looking for a Greek place on Yelp. Knowing exactly where they are, we were sure they had it wrong. We had driven past it on numbers occasions, and aside from the small convivence store, we never saw any indication of a restaurant at all. So, with our curiosity peaked, we headed over to the address listed half expecting to find nothing at all. Instead, we were surprised to find a small storefront give way to a spacious and colorful dining room with cozy booths lining the wall and a raised stage with Hookahs and various copper pitchers. Reviewing the menu, we figured we would try a Gyro and Falafel from the restaurant and grab two Hershey’s Moose Tracks ice-cream cones from the storefront.

Opening the wrapping revealed one of the biggest Gyro’s I have ever had. The spiced lamb/beef slices and creamy tzatziki made my mouth water. The tase did not disappoint. The cold and creamy tzatziki with chunks of cucumber covering a strip of spiced pressed meat, lettuce, and tomato in a soft pita was about as perfect as I could have hoped. DB had a falafel wrap and was equally excited when she opened hers. The golden fried patties of chickpea were crunchy on the outside and smooth and spicy on the inside, pairing well with the cool tzatziki. Again, the cooking was flawless, and the proportions and spices perfect. We so enjoyed the food that it was not surprising that DB went back the following weekend.

If you are in the mood to eat some healthy and flavorful kebabs or just looking for a quick Gyro for lunch, Prince Ali Kebabs is a neighborhood oasis. Prince Ali Kebab is located at 305 Sowams Road in Barrington, RI.


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