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Richardson's Kitchen and Bar. Excellent meal in a cozy atmosphere

Richardson's Kitchen and Bar checks every box and then some. On DB's suggestion, we stopped in to check out the seating. Surprisingly, I had driven by Richardson's at least one hundred times and never noticed this cozy restaurant on Child St. just a few doors down from Main Street in warren. From the outside, Richardson's has a natural look with only a small hanging sign and RKB etched into the windows. However, a look inside reveals a spacious, warm eatery that is decorated and prepared to make each guest feel welcome and relaxed. A well-appointed Bar sits just inside to the right, far enough away to not crowd the entrance and host station but close enough to greet a friend as they walk in the front door.

To the left is a dining room with booths along the sidewall and well-spaced tables arranged to give every diner the perfect atmosphere for a quiet and enjoyable meal. Just a few steps from the dining room is the entrance to the outdoor patio surrounded on one side by a wooden privacy fence you would find in any backyard. A natural wood handcrafted bar backdropped by the brick face side of the building next door, giving the whole patio the look and feel of dining in a friend's backyard.

D.B. and I had just finished recording, and after a few sessions with one of our favorites, fuzzy Mellon, we had decided to check out the seating and the patio to see if we felt comfortable with their COVID dining policy. I am so glad we did! After being seated by our waiter, he listed the chef recommendations and specials for us. The menu was small but well represented to have a little something for everyone. At our waiter's suggestion, we tried the Cesar Wings and the cavatelli's with made to order Pink Vodka Sause. As usual, I ordered the chicken wings a little well done for extra crispiness. The wings did not disappoint and came out at the perfect texture and crispiness for a creamy Cesar sauce. A layer of shaved parmigiana cheese covered the ideal amount of seasoning to flavor the wings without drowning out the taste of the chicken. However, nothing could compare to the cavatelli in a rich yet delicate made to order Vodka Sauce. The sauce outshined everything and again did not overpower the taste of the pasta. The sauce was so good that on subsequent visits, we ordered fries to soak up the remaining sauce from the plate. A guest pastry chef makes deserts that are fresh, creative, and incredibly good. The one that stood out for us was the Candy Bar Cake., a delicate chocolate and peanut butter moose layered between the moist chocolate cake. I have never had a cake that tasted like a candy bar before, so the first bite blew me away and made me immediately think of peanut butter cups.

While a lot of restaurants may have reduced the quality of ingredients or limited the menu to survive the closings and occupancy requirements brought on by COVID 19, Richardson's is one of those places that just seemed to roll with all the changes and added expenses by maintaining the consistency and quality.

Richardson's is located at 15 Child Street, Warren, RI. Check them out


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