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Birthday Cake, Wedding Cake Two Names One Strain

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

What’s in a name? The fog rolled in around 3 am. Looking out with my morning coffee, I could just barely make out the breakwater jetty that protects the entrance to our cove. The bay is rough, and the wind blows a gentle mist against my skin that is perfectly soothing on a cool July morning. Taking another sip of coffee, I turn and smile. Today is my sister’s birthday and it’s the perfect day for a birthday Cake. I pick up a bud from the safe and inspect it in the light, making sure to take in a full breath, I smell the slight aroma of lemon vanilla cake. It reminds me of the "poor man" cake, a simple yellow cake with sugary cinnamon butter glaze, made for birthdays and special occasions.

Birthday cake buds are a deep green with purple hues and frosted in small white trichomes. I pinch some pre-ground and rub the dense coarse grind between my fingers to release the Terpenoid compounds and essential oils that lend to taste, smell and to some degree, effect of the strain. As the smoke fill the chamber, the taste matches the smell perfectly. Birthday Cake boasts a unique Terpene and Cannabinoid profile, giving it that smooth creamy fruity vanilla flavor that goes perfect with my coffee. Due to its mild drowsy effect, this strain is best smoked in the evening or on foggy summer mornings, to nap in a hammock as the morning fog burns away.

Birthday Cake Kush, also known as Wedding Cake, is a Indica/Sativa Hybrid of Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie. While Wedding Cake seems to be a little more Indica leaning, both give you a relaxed, not to heavy, body high and elevates the mind to freely wander, which is great for your creativity and focus.

Birthday Cake will totally relax your body while the euphoric mental high will keep your mind fresh, alert and creative. This makes it a good choice for late afternoon and evening enjoyment. On the medical side, Birthday Cake is extremely effective for treating pain, stress and depression without sending you to the couch for the night. As far as munches go, this strain is a favorite as it will not send you searching the fridge. Try pairing it with coffee and enjoy it after your meal for a wonderful desert and start to your evening.

Lineage: Girl Scout Cookie, Cherry Pie

Smell – Hints of Lemon and Vanilla Cake

Taste - Hints of Lemon and Vanilla Cake with an earthy finish

Appearance – Deep Green, Purple Hues and White Trichomes

Effects –Euphoric, Alert, Relaxed

Usage – Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Pain, Nausea

Non-Medical Usage – A good afternoon and evening smoke to wind down with.

THC – Range THC 14% to 24%, CBD < 1%

Common Side Effects – Dry mouth, dry eyes


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