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Stash to Dry? Extract Degrading? Taste to Harsh? Try CVault & Evault

Stash to Dry? Extract Degrading? Taste to Harsh?

Try CVault & Evault

Evault and Cvault

I hate dry and tasteless flower, almost as I hate moist clumpy crystalline powder or melty shatter. No matter how you process, cure, and store. Ambient conditions can change like the weather so, controlling, light, temperature, and humidity are essential in preserving the taste and potency of your flower during its shelf life. Light can also have a major effect on the taste and quality of the extract. Humidity and temperature are even more important when considering the many types of concentrates on the market. CVault and Evault is the answer.

The CVault is expertly made from quality 304 food-grade stainless steel with multiple latches to lock in flavor and provide a perfect seal. The CVault comes with a Boveda 62% two-way humidity pack to keep your flower fresh and tasty even beyond the shelf life. Not to be cookie-cutter, the EVault is manufactured from 316 medical-grade stainless steel to seal in freshness and keep your extracts fresh and protected from excess light, humidity, and moisture.

DB and I decided to put the claims to the test. After replacing the silicone seal and a new humidity pack, we decided to try taking a very old and dry batch that had crumbled on contact. After 4 hours we noticed a definite difference. After 24 hrs the buds were just moist enough to bring back the original taste. We are currently storing fresh bud in our Cvault and will be checking freshness, taste, and potency after 2, 4, and 6 weeks. Stay tuned for the results. For now, buy a Cvault or Evault and check it out for yourself.


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