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The Library II Truly a High Steak Experience

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Checkout this Steak House that is sure to take the munchies away. As featured in the latest episode of Mad Rich Reviews.

Nestled just off 73 on the outskirts of Voorhees Township, NJ is a hidden gem. Serving steaks for over 70 years and known mostly to locals , the Library is a hold out, serving high quality steaks consistently night after night with little change in menu and decor since the day they opened.

Opened as Rafters in 1949 and renamed the Library II, one of several Library Restaurants opened in the early 70’s.

So popular for quality and price that after being sold to independent owners in the early 80’s the interiors, the quality serving style have never need to be upgraded.

What makes Library II so unique is the way you order. A waitress will take you order for drinks and sides. The steaks however are individually cut to your specifications by a master butcher.

Check out the Library II on your next visit to NJ tell them DB and I sent you!


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